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Gardens of Neyshabur

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Gardens of Neyshabur

  • Code : MCD-351
  • Publish Year : 2013
Artists :
  • Composed by: Alireza Mashayekhi
  • Piano: Pari Barkeshli
About :

Alirezâ Mashâyekhi

NIRT Chamber Orchestra

Conducted by Ivo Malec

Camerata Transylvania Budapest

Conducted by Manouchehr Sahbai

Ensemble de Percussion du Conservatoire de Nevers

Conducted by Alireza Mashayekhi


Tracks :

Nous ne verrons jamais les jardins de Nishapour (Op. 56 (1977), NIRT Chamber Orchestra, Conduted by Ivo Malec)

50.6 MB
34,000 TMN

Interlude (Op. 101 (1992), Camerata Transylvania Budapest, Conducted by Manoutchehr Sahbai)

30.3 MB
34,000 TMN

Celebration (Op. 133, No. 2 (1998), Ensemble de Percussion du Conservatoire de Nevers, Conducted by Alireza Mashayekhi)

48.5 MB
34,000 TMN