Mahoor Institute of Culture and Arts was founded in 1987 by Seyyed Mohammad Mousavi to produce and promote original works of and on the music of Iran. Up to now it has managed to release more than 600 CDs, 200 titles of books and pamphlets on music.

Mahoor for the major part has concern about Persian classical music and Iranian folk music from scholarly and pedagogical aspects. The repertoires of both types of music are hugely extended and the works published by Mahoor proved to be original and privileged sources according to many scholars and musicologists. Mahoor also produces major publications in a variety of fields such as contemporary Iranian music, pedagogical sets, film music and music for children.

The Persian Music Heritage is a series of rare and hard to be found recordings made by some of the prominent Ostads (masters) of Persian classical music in the past. It includes now more than 20 titles encompassing masterpieces by Eqbal Azar,Taherzade,Yusef Forutan, Reza-Qoli Mirza Zelli, Ali-Asghar Kordestani, Sa'id Hormozi, Ali-Akbar Shahnazi, Aqa Hoseyn-Qoli, Darvish Khan and others.

Mahoor is also active in the field of Persian classical and modern literature in terms of audio series. The Tales of Ferdowsi's Shahnameh (Book of Kings) and Rostam and Sohrab aim to introduce the lovers of Persian classical literature to one of the greatest epic books of all time. The tales are selected, recited and interpreted by the late Dr. Mohammad-Ja'far Mahjub, an eminent scholar and man of letters. The Tales of Nezami Ganjavi, Bustan-e Sa'di and Hafez's Sonnets are also of the same series.

The Encyclopaedia of the Musical Instruments of Iran is probably the most extended study in the field of Iranian music. Its first volume, which discusses the chordophones in regional music of Iran, was awarded The 2002 Klaus Wachsmann Prize for best publication in Organology by Society for Ethnomusicology.

Mahoor Music Quarterly is the leading Persian journal on music scholarship that enjoys contributions by prominent Iranian music scholars illustrating the current issues under discussion in Iranian musical life. It is a collection of different scholarly articles, viewpoints and reports written by our collaborators and correspondents on various fields of music scholarship.