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Mahoor Music Quarterly. No. 64

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Mahoor Music Quarterly. No. 64

  • Publish Year : 2014
  • License Holder: Mahoor Institute of Cultural and Arts
  • Directed: Mohammad Mousavi
  • Editorial Board: Sassan Fatemi, Mohammad Mousavi, Bâbak Khazrâ’i, Sa’id Kordmâfi, Ârash Mohâfez
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Articles: 1. Time Structure in the Music of Central Africa: Periodicity, Meter, Rhythm and Polyrhythmics, Simha Arom, translated by Arash Esmâ’ili 2. Ajami Pishrow: Rhythmic Aspect and Compositions on doyek, Arash Mohafez 3. Some Facts about Recordings in Paris, Mohammad-Rezâ Sharâyeli 4. Structure and Function of the Tetrachords of Râks in Mirzâ Abdollâh’s Radif, Kâmyâr Salavâti

Miscellaneous Notes: 1. Dastgâh System in Iranian Music according to Alfred Lemaire and Eugène Aubin, Mohsen Mohammadi

Fundamental Concepts: 1. Cultural Evolutionism, Diffusionism,and Structural-Functional Approaches in History of Ethnomusicology, Ruth M. Stone, translated by Natalie Chubineh

Interview: 1The Story of the Foundation of a Music Department interview with Gen’ichi Tsuge, Saeid Kordmafi Appendix 1: Selected Bibliography of Gen’ichi Tsuge Appendix 2: Excerpt from the Interview of Gen’ici Tsuge with Hâj-Aqâ Mohammad Irâni Mojarrad, in July 1966 Appendix 3: Ethnomusicologists, Bruno Nettl, translated by Saeid Kordmafi

Critique and Review: 1. The Particularities of the Iranian Music Education from the past to the Peresent, Majid Kiâni 2. Some Remarks about “A Survey of the Life of Qorbân khân-e Shâhi”, by Hoseyn Meysami, Vahraz Purahamad 3. Till Another Season, Seyyed-Mohammad Mousavi