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Mahoor Music Quarterly. No. 36

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Mahoor Music Quarterly. No. 36

  • Publish Year : 2007
Artists :
  • License Holder: Mahoor Institute of Cultural and Arts
  • Directed: Mohammad Mousavi
  • Editorial Board: Sassan Fatemi, Hooman Asadi and Mohammad Mousavi
About :

Articles: 1. Alexander J. Ellis and His Place in the History of Ethnomusicology, Jonathan P. J. Stock, translated by Natalie Chubineh 2. Islam, the Turkish State and Arabesk, Martin Stokes, translated by Natalie Chubineh 3. Musical Instruments in Ancient Persian: A Survey of Archeological Findings, Seyyed Hosein Meysami 4. Musical Life at the Court of Bâbur and Homâyun, Sara Kalantari 5. Iqâ’ in a 15th Century Musical Manuscript: Moqaddamat-ol-Osul by Awbahi, Babak Khazra’i 6. The Maqâms on the Tanbur of Yârsân (2), Heydar Kâki 7. Music and Cosmology, Fardis Feyzbakhsh and Sara Kalantari

Basic Concepts: 1. Musical sound and Contextual Input: A performance Model for Musical Analysis, Regula Burckardt Qureshi, translated by Natalie Chubineh 

Music Criticism: 1. Some Reflections on Music Criticism, Ralph Hill, translated by Natalie Chubineh

Reports: 1. Congress Report: Music in the World of Islam (Assilah, Morocco, 8-13 August 2007), Sasan Fatemi 2. Till Another Season, Mohammad Mousavi