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Mahoor Music Quarterly, No. 1

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Mahoor Music Quarterly, No. 1

  • Publish Year : 1998
  • License Holder: Mahoor Institute of Cultural and Arts
  • Director and Chief Editor: Mohammad Eftekhari
  • Music Advisor: Hossein Alizâdeh
  • Executive Director: Mohammad Mousavi
About :

Editorial: 1. The Whisper of Breeze, the Rhythm of Rain

Articles: 1. Music in Iran and Islamic Countries by Henry George Farmer (Translated by Ali Mohammad Haghshenas) 2. Taqsimé Bayati by Mohammad Taghi Masoudieh 3. New Laboratory Studies on Scale in Iranian Music by Sassan Sepanta 4. A Brief Survey of Music Education in Iran by Hossein Alizadeh 5. On Iranian Vocal Music by Mohsen Keramati 6. A look on the Notion of Originality in Iranian Music by Mohammad Reza Fayaz 7. The Flexibility of Radif in the Process of Time by Fariborz Azizi 8. Modern Western Philosophy in Electronic Music and Sound by Hamid Reza Ardalan 9. Rhythmic Motifs: Kereshmeh by Mohammad Reza Ebrahimi 10. The Origin of Tanbour by A. Vaysi

Views: 1. Some Concepts and Words in Iranian Music by Mohsen Shahrnazdar 2. Why Don’t We Sit with Each Other Anymore? By Seeroos Jamali

Interview: 1. Ebrahim Ghanbarimehr

Tribute: 1. The Dance of That Handkerchief (An Account of Hassan Kasayi) by Mohammad Eftekhari 2. Faramarz Paivar: A Prominent Industrious Maestro by Siamak Banayi

Reviews: 1. A Review of the Reconstruction of Hosseini’s Piece by M. H. Aryan 2. The Research Deficiencies of “Ganjeh Sookhteh” (The Wasted Treasure) by M. H. Aryan 3. The Lost Musical Treatises of Farabi by Amir Hossein Poorjavadi

Music In the Press: 1. Why Are the Rights of Musicians Overlooked? 2. The Secret of Beauties in Others’ Tales: An Interview with Delbar Hakimava

Report: 1. The Pleasantly Alien Sound of Khoshnavaz, the Musician from Harat