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Mahoor Music Quarterly. No. 78

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Mahoor Music Quarterly. No. 78

  • Publish Year : 2018
  • License Holder: Mahoor Institute of Cultural and Arts
  • Directed: Mohammad Mousavi
  • Editorial Board: Sassan Fatemi, Mohammad Mousavi, Bâbak Khazrâ’i, Sa’id Kordmâfi, Ârash Mohâfez
About :

Articles: 1. Two Revivalist Moments in Iranian Classical Music, Laudan Nooshin, translated by Hâmed Qanavâti 2. A Discography of Jâme’e-ye Bârbad and Esmâ’il Mehrtâsh on 78rpm Gramophone Records, Mohammad-Rezâ Sharâyeli 3. Gender Representation in Modern Iranian Classical Music: The Case of “Rudâbe and Zâl” in Simorgh, Kâmyâr Salavâti 4. Some Aspects of the Tâj-Esfahâni’s Style in His Recorded Performances of Early Pahlavi Era, Puyâ Nekuyi

Fundamental Concepts: 1. Between Process and Product: Music and/as Performance Nicholas Cook, translated by Nathalie Chubineh 

Interview: 1. Interview with Mohammad Montasheri about the Activities of Esmâ’il Mehrtâsh and Jâme’e-ye Bârbad, Sasan Fatemi and Seyyed-Mohammad Mousavi

Critique and Review: 1. Some Remarks on “On the Necessity of Interpretation”, Ârvin Sedâqatkish 2. La critique musicale de Schumann en France, François Brunet, translated by Sasan Fatemi 3. (Ethno)Musicological Abstracts, Behrang Nikâyin 4. Till Another Season, Seyyed-Mohammad Musavi