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Regional Music of Iran 75

From Rapture to Ecstasy: Baluchi Songs

Research, Recording and Notes: Jean During

Fozié Majd and Amir Mahyâr Tafreshipour, Composers

Darrgah Morgan, First Violin

Patrick Savage, Second Violin

Fiona Winning, Viola

Deirdre Cooper, Cello

An Anthology of Compositions Attributed to Persian Musicians in The Kevseri Manuscript (18th Century)

Arrangement, Artistic direction and Santur: Arash Mohafez

Farid Kheradmand, Bendir and Bell             Amir Sharifi, Târ

Sâmer Habibi, Kamânche                           Ehsân Âbedi, Ney

Mehdi Bahri, Santur Bass                           Zia Mirabdolbaghi, Tombak

Ud: Sa’id Nâyeb Mohammadi


Neyshâbur is a contemporary interpretation of a selection of pishrow-s attributed to Persian composers in the 18th century Ottoman manuscript of Kevseri whose transcriptions have recently become available. These pishrow-s, which did not exist in the older sources, are here connected to each other by the solos of musicians of Neoclassical Ensemble of Tehran, which benefit particularly from some free and non-stereotyped modulations, in order to structure a whole in the form of a suite. Here, all the aesthetic and methodological infrastructures of performance of the old transcriptions are in common with those of the album ‘Ajamlar, nevertheless, Neyshâbur presents some evolutions in the way that it uses the orchestral potentials; the fact that makes its musical expression more personal and more contemporary.


Lotfollâh Majd, Jamshid Shemirâni